Developed by Scientists.

StingMaster blocks the pain caused by lionfish venom at the source.

Our products were developed by scientists and are the first of their kind. They prevent the propagation of pain signals by blocking the lionfish venom at the nerve endings in the skin.

1. Sensing Pain
In order to sense pain, a signal goes from the 1. nerve endings in our skin, to the 2. dorsal root ganglia. From there, it goes through the 3. spinal cord to our 4. brain, telling us that we are in pain.

2. Getting Stung by a Lionfish

1. The skin pushes the sheath down as the spine enters

2. The venom gland is compressed by the movement of the sheath

3. Venom from the gland is released into the victim’s wound

2. Getting Stung by a Lionfish

Once released, the venom molecules reach the nerve endings to begin the process of signaling pain.


StingMaster at Work

StingMaster works by blocking the venom's target in the nerve endings. Without activating the nerve, the pain signal is not sent to the brain.
Without StingMaster
With StingMaster