Pain scientists discovered a treatment for jellyfish stings

UPDATED MARCH 2022: StingMaster is currently on sale – you can order it with this 10% discount code: JELLYFISH10

Jellyfish stings are the worst

Jellyfish stings are an unfortunate reality year-round and are especially bad in the summer when these creatures are more prevalent. In the past years, the Rhode Island coast hosted thousands of stinging jellyfish swarms and Florida beachgoers can now encounter Portuguese man o’ war, a bright purple color jellyfish with a scary shape.

Jellyfish stings are HARD to treat

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? If so, you know that it hurts like crazy. Their stings hurt and are uncomfortable for many days straight. The sting itself can be excruciating, and the venom released into your bloodstream can make you feel super nauseous and feverish. The pain and discomfort from a jellyfish sting can be frightening, but it doesn’t need to cause more panic than necessary.

After you get stung, you can expect to feel a lot of pain at the site of the sting. Some people experience swelling and blister formation from jellyfish and sea lice depending on the species of jellyfish/how bad the sting was. 

You may be tempted to try out strange methods like baking soda or… you know.. urine. 

While peeing on a jellyfish sting is often suggested as an effective treatment, it’s time we throw out that old wives’ tale and find out what really works. 

The main use of pee is that it removes the remnants of the jellyfish’s stinger on your skin, and allegedly, the ammonia in urine can help break down the pain-causing toxin. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. There is ammonia in urine, but its concentration is far too low to be effective at breaking down any toxins. In fact, often urine makes matters worse! Peeing on a jellyfish sting isn’t a good idea because it can actually promote infections (and no, urine is not actually sterile!). 

A new treatment discovered by pain scientists

Dr. Reza Sharif-Naeini was on an airplane when he came across an article describing the invasion of the lionfish in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the fish’s excruciatingly painful sting. Realizing no one had figured out exactly how this venom works to cause pain, he challenged Stephanie Mouchbahani-Constance, a PhD student in his lab, to figure out how lionfish venom caused pain.

They managed to make a major breakthrough that they published in a paper in 2018, which was the cover of the November issue of the scientific, peer-reviewed journal PAIN, outlining exactly what kind of pain lionfish venom causes, what pain-sensing cells it targets, and began to uncover its mechanism of action. 

Since then, they have identified the molecule that the venom targets on pain-sensing cells’ surface, and have found ways to block the pain the venom causes. With this information in tow, they knew they had to create a cure that could help the large number of people each year that are stung.

The two scientists believe that science is the logical way to cure stings, so they decided to bottle up some of their science and deliver it to people. They also realized that their incredible treatment for lionfish stings actually works on a wide variety of aquatic stings! StingMaster provides instant relief for lionfish, jellyfish, Portuguese Man o’ war, sea lice and fire coral stings. 

So, finally, you can use a scientifically-backed solution to cure stings: StingMaster!

What about lidocaine creams?

Hydrocortisone creams or lidocaine sprays and ointments are popular but they’re not very effective compared to StingMaster. 

The REAL magic ingredient in our formula is the rhubarb extract

We discovered that a molecule that can be found naturally in rhubarb extract can directly block the pain caused by lionfish stings. So no – StingMaster is not just a Lidocaine cream! If anything, it’s a rhubarb cream.

Why does StingMaster work so well?

In order to sense pain, a signal goes from the nerve endings in our skin to a bundle of nerve cells called the dorsal root ganglia. From there, it goes through the spinal cord to our brain, telling us that we are in pain. Once released, the venom molecules reach the nerve endings to begin the process of signaling pain. StingMaster works by blocking the venom’s target in the nerve endings. Without activating the nerve, the pain signal is not sent to the brain. Therefore, StingMaster blocks pain at its source, THAT’s why it’s so effective.


Stingmaster is the ONLY cream that truly blocks the pain

StingMaster is a the first over-the-counter, fast-acting, scientifically-backed ointment that treats the pain caused by lionfish and jellyfish stings. StingMaster blocks the pain within seconds. You will feel relief in five minutes. It’s easily available over-the-counter. It’s made with high-quality and tested ingredients. StingMaster also reduces long-term pain caused by jellyfish stings.

Thanks to the fast relief, you’ll be able to go back to whatever you were doing and you won’t itch/touch your sting as much, resulting in some reduction in swelling and blister formation.

UPDATE: StingMaster is currently on sale – you can order it with this 10% discount code JELLYFISH10

Where can you buy StingMaster?

You can find it directly on the official website by clicking here.

StingMaster is manufactured in the United States of America

They ship to all of North America for now. A box of StingMaster is 1.7 in x 1.7 in x 1.7 in and contains a 1 oz jar of StingMaster.

So far, the comments have been outstanding

StingMaster calmed it down in about 10 minutes and after 1 hour I was 100% ok to dive again. StingMaster needs to be in every home that has a bandaid in the medicine cabinet! – Bob S. Panama City

My pain went from a 5/10 to a 2/10 in 30 seconds, that is amazing! I’ve been stung by lionfish about 25 times and this is the fastest pain relief I’ve ever felt. … that stuff works! – Brian B, Prairieville, LA

My buddy got stung in the face by an Atlantic Sea Nettle. The sting was so bad we ended our dive. Once back on land, he rinsed the affected area with fresh water, dried it off and applied some StingMaster. He immediately felt relief, that was enough proof for me! – Tracey B, Lake City, FL

How to Treat Jellyfish Stings with StingMaster

As soon as you realize you’ve been stung: 

  • surface safely from your dive and go on either your dive boat or back to the beach
  • Rinse the area with clean sea water to carefully remove tentacles.
  • If there are still tentacles attached, fully remove them with something hard like the back of a StingMaster cap, or a credit card. Don’t use your fingers for this!
  • Apply StingMaster immediately. Within seconds, you’ll feel pain relief
  • Re-apply every 40 mins if pain returns

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