Alexa K
Alexa KMiami, Fl
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Just got stung today… used the StingMaster, god I can’t believe how well that works!
Bob S
Bob SPanama City, FL
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I wanted to try StingMaster but I didn’t want to get stung. Then, a lionfish got me and your miracle ointment saved me [...] Stingmaster calmed it down in about 10 minutes and after 1 hour I was 100% ok to dive again. StingMaster needs to be in every home that has a bandaid in the medicine cabinet!
Claudine D
Claudine DSunny Isles, FL
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I got stung by some sea lice today and thought I’d try out a new product I heard about called StingMaster. Within seconds, the burning was gone, so amazing
Brian B
Brian BPrairievile, LA
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My pain went from a 5/10 to a 2/10 in 30 seconds, that is amazing! I’ve been stung by lionfish about 25 times and this is the fastest pain relief I’ve ever felt. ... hat stuff works!
Kahan C
Kahan CChicago, IL
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(after a lionfish sting) “Within minutes, the sting had pretty much subsided!”
ShannonJupiter, FL
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(after a fire coral sting) “After about 30 seconds after applying the StingMaster cream, I stopped feeling pain!”
Tracy B
Tracy BLake City, FL
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My buddy got stung in the face by an Atlantic Sea Nettle. The sting was so bad we ended our dive. Once back on land, he rinsed the affected area with fresh water, dried it off and applied some StingMaster. He immediately felt relief, that was enough proof for me!
Josh S
Josh SCorpus Christi, TX
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StingMaster brought the pain I felt after a lionfish sting from an 8/10 to a 2/10 within a few minutes, I can’t believe how well it works
Christian C
Christian CDestin, FL
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Wow! I got stung by sea lice this week and StingMaster erased the pain almost immediately. I’m getting one for my sister
John P
John PFort Walton Beach, FL
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I got StingMaster for my dive kit before going on a diving trip to Grand Cayman. I didn’t use it, but thankfully I bought one because my buddy got stuck by lionfish twice! Both times, StingMaster brought his pain down in a few minutes, and he was back in the water within an hour