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How StingMaster Treats Pain from Lionfish Stings and Jellyfish Stings

For decades now, lionfish stings have remained a pain in the wherever-you-got-stung, with little to no chances of curing your pain. In recent years, it’s been discovered that heat may help to break down the toxins in lionfish venom (see the scientific, peer-reviewed research paper published by co-founders of PteroTech, Stephanie and Reza, that actually proved the fact that pain-causing molecules in lionfish venom are heat-sensitive). However, heat is not enough to eliminate the pain caused by lionfish stings – just ask anyone who’s been stung!

You see, venoms are cocktails of molecules (called toxins) which work together to execute maximal damage. In lionfish venom, there are some toxins that exist exclusively to cause pain, some that exist to cause inflammation and redness and some that we haven’t even discovered yet that may cause other symptoms. In order to have the most efficient treatment for a lionfish sting, the most important and effective thing to do is to attack each of these toxins individually in order to maximize pain relief and overall sting relief.

StingMaster, for example, includes molecules that directly act to block the pain-causing toxin from doing its job: causing pain. It does so by both attacking the toxin itself to help break it down and blocking the toxin’s target, so even if the toxin doesn’t get broken down, it can’t keep triggering pain signals in your skin’s nerve endings. There are also anti-inflammatory molecules in StingMaster to help reduce the inflammation caused by the venom. Using this multi-pronged approach to attack a lionfish sting makes the treatment a whole lot more satisfying and effective for the sting victim than simply using heat. 

Similarly, for jellyfish stings, StingMaster helps to block nerve endings from sending pain signals up to the brain to tell sting victims that they’re in pain. By using StingMaster quickly after getting stung by a jellyfish, you can reduce the pain caused by the sting, but also reduce the swelling & redness (thanks to our anti-inflammatory factors) you would often experience after a sting. 

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