Lionfish, an invasive species: How did they get into the Gulf of Mexico?

Pterois volitans, the red lionfish, is an incredibly invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and is travelling up the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The fish is originally from the Indo-Pacific part of the world, but mysteriously made its way very west all the way to North America in the 90s. There […]

How StingMaster Treats Pain from Lionfish Stings and Jellyfish Stings

lionfish sting

For decades now, lionfish stings have remained a pain in the wherever-you-got-stung, with little to no chances of curing your pain. In recent years, it’s been discovered that heat may help to break down the toxins in lionfish venom (see the scientific, peer-reviewed research paper published by co-founders of PteroTech, Stephanie and Reza, that actually […]