Learning to Hunt Lionfish: Eco-Tourism Trips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in hunting lionfish. However, jumping right into the game on your own can be daunting. That’s why a number of companies and organizations set-up lionfish hunting eco-tourism trips to handle the logistics for you so that you can learn how to safely hunt lionfish with experts around, […]

Lionfish, an invasive species: How did they get into the Gulf of Mexico?

Pterois volitans, the red lionfish, is an incredibly invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and is travelling up the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The fish is originally from the Indo-Pacific part of the world, but mysteriously made its way very west all the way to North America in the 90s. There […]

Cooking the invasive lionfish: Blackened Lionfish with Dill Sour Cream


Lionfish are an invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic coast of the US and in the Mediterannean – basically, anywhere that lionfish can be found outside of the Indo-Pacific. Their invasion poses huge problems for reef fish populations, since lionfish can eat basically any fish that is smaller than it. To combat […]

Lionfish, an invasive species: How did they get into the Mediterannean Sea?

Lionfish invasion mediterranean

Pterois miles, a species of lionfish called the common lionfish (as opposed to Pterois volitans, the red lionfish that is found in the Atlantic), first appeared in the eastern Mediterannean sea in 2012 and quickly spread across almost the entire Sea. By 2018, groups of up to 70 lionfish were found on rocky grounds and […]