Pain scientists discovered a treatment for jellyfish stings

UPDATED MARCH 2022: StingMaster is currently on sale – you can order it with this 10% discount code: JELLYFISH10 Jellyfish stings are the worst Jellyfish stings are an unfortunate reality year-round and are especially bad in the summer when these creatures are more prevalent. In the past years, the Rhode Island coast hosted thousands of […]

Jellyfish facts you didn’t know


Think you know everything there is to know about jellyfish? Guess again – we have compiled a list of 12 different jellyfish facts that we bet you’ve never heard before.

Lionfish, an invasive species: How did they get into the Mediterannean Sea?

Lionfish invasion mediterranean

Pterois miles, a species of lionfish called the common lionfish (as opposed to Pterois volitans, the red lionfish that is found in the Atlantic), first appeared in the eastern Mediterannean sea in 2012 and quickly spread across almost the entire Sea. By 2018, groups of up to 70 lionfish were found on rocky grounds and […]

How StingMaster Treats Pain from Lionfish Stings and Jellyfish Stings

lionfish sting

For decades now, lionfish stings have remained a pain in the wherever-you-got-stung, with little to no chances of curing your pain. In recent years, it’s been discovered that heat may help to break down the toxins in lionfish venom (see the scientific, peer-reviewed research paper published by co-founders of PteroTech, Stephanie and Reza, that actually […]