Lionfish, an invasive species: How did they get into the Mediterannean Sea?

Lionfish invasion mediterranean

Pterois miles, a species of lionfish called the common lionfish (as opposed to Pterois volitans, the red lionfish that is found in the Atlantic), first appeared in the eastern Mediterannean sea in 2012 and quickly spread across almost the entire Sea. By 2018, groups of up to 70 lionfish were found on rocky grounds and […]

Fast Jellyfish Sting Treatment – StingMaster

If someone asked us to name 5 things that we dislike in the ocean, two of them would be jellyfish and sea lice. Their stings hurt and are uncomfortable for many days straight, but they don’t have to be anymore. Our StingMaster formula provides immediate relief from jellyfish and sea lice stings so you don’t […]