Jellyfish facts you didn’t know


Think you know everything there is to know about jellyfish? Guess again – we have compiled a list of 12 different jellyfish facts that we bet you’ve never heard before.

Cooking the invasive lionfish: Blackened Lionfish with Dill Sour Cream


Lionfish are an invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic coast of the US and in the Mediterannean – basically, anywhere that lionfish can be found outside of the Indo-Pacific. Their invasion poses huge problems for reef fish populations, since lionfish can eat basically any fish that is smaller than it. To combat […]

Fast Jellyfish Sting Treatment – StingMaster

If someone asked us to name 5 things that we dislike in the ocean, two of them would be jellyfish and sea lice. Their stings hurt and are uncomfortable for many days straight, but they don’t have to be anymore. Our StingMaster formula provides immediate relief from jellyfish and sea lice stings so you don’t […]